Whether you need to move fertilizer, grain, or the massive equipment required for industrial agriculture, Ashton Marine is ready to assist. If your cargo needs to stay dry, our Hopper Barges can carry up to 3,800 tons in a single trip. Shipping agricultural products over water is usually more economical than shipping by dozens of rail cars or scores of trucks.

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Every year, barges loaded with building materials such as gravel, stone, and miscellaneous steel make their way to ports around the Great Lakes. If you need to transport large quantities of building materials economically, Ashton Marine could be the partner you’re looking for.


Do you need to move limestone, sand, salt, or some other mineral or metal across the Great Lakes and supporting riverways? Ashton Marine can help you transport thousands of tons of minerals economically.


If your company needs to transport large quantities of raw materials such as steel, scrap, aluminum, pig iron, or mill scale, Ashton Marine can get your cargo to its destination, on time, and within budget.

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