When transporting cargo, the first—and most important—question that people ask Ashton Marine is, “What is it going to cost?” In shipping, cost is king, and shipping cargo on the Great Lakes is almost always the most affordable method for moving large amounts of cargo. And for some exceptionally large cargo, marine transportation is the only viable method of shipping.

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Whether you need to move bulk cargo, dry cargo, or project cargo, you can rely on Ashton Marine to deliver it on time, and on budget. Ashton Marine is often your best option to economically move cargo in and around the Great Lakes.

Bulk Cargo Transportation

Whether it’s raw material for manufacturing or bulk fertilizer destined for agriculture, you can trust Ashton Marine to deliver your bulk cargo where you need, at the price you need.

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Dry Cargo Transportation

If you need to transport thousands of tons of cargo and keep it dry, our hopper barges are just what you need. Our covered hopper barges can transport up to 1,900 tons of cargo each. When towed together, we can move 3,800 tons. From agricultural products to finished steel, more and more industries rely on Ashton Marine to get their cargo where it needs to go when it needs to be there, for the estimated price.

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Project Cargo Services

Project cargo can be moved on truck or rail car, but it’s usually not cost effective to move the whole way using road or rail. Project cargo is usually large, heavy and complex. Whether it’s a massive truss, pipe, or turbine blade, marine transportation is often the only way to go. When shipping such enormous cargo, make sure that your shipping partner has the experience, expertise, and equipment to do the job safely and correctly—and Ashton Marine does. So if your cargo is exceptionally long, tall, or wide, you can rely on Ashton Marine to provide exceptional transportation services.

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Ship Assist Services

Cargo ships have an enormous capacity—and a turning radius to match. Ashton Marine can help assist your vessel in and out of docks at ports around the Great Lakes. With assistance from our tug and experienced crew, massive ships can make their way in and out of port safely and reliably.

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Icebreaking Services

Keeping shipping lanes and ports open year-round throughout the Great Lakes, keeps goods flowing and the costs of production and distribution down. Ashton Marine provides icebreaking services for ports, companies, and municipalities in and around the Great Lakes.

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